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Magnolia Clothing Boutique

is a women's clothing store catering to all your fashion needs.


We have fashion for everyday, business/office wear, and unique pieces that you may not find easily elsewhere. We make a point of finding great quality, name brand clothing, in a wide range of sizes, at reasonable prices.

Locally owned & operated

Leanne Caidler is the community-minded woman behind Magnolia.  Her career has been spent managing other people's businesses while always working towards the dream of being a business owner one day.  That's how Magnolia was born.  Leanne says "My passion for fashion and a desire to have a store in my home town that allows me to connect with others in the community, are what drove me to start Magnolia."


She has realized that people all over Canada want to shop at the store, so she launched a shopping website where everyone can shop Magnolia’s styles & get them shipped directly to their home!   

Leanne wants you to know that "community and customers are so important to our team. We adore our customers. We love getting to know you, even online. We love the sense of community we feel when we get to connect with all the amazing women that shop at Magnolia."

Leanne is a full-time working Mom of 2 beautiful kids and enjoys her family time. 

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